A world class performance artist

Alameda County Arts Leadership Awardee

Recognized by Theater Bay Area 

as one of the 40 faces to impact theater in 

the Bay Area

Alameda County  Women's Hall of Fame


San Francisco Foundation Bay Area Arts Leadership Awardee


A tour de force”, Author, Ishmael Reed.

My brightest student”, Author, Marvin X

A stone pony”, Washington Burns, MD, Exec Director, Prescott Joseph Center

Street poetry for the masses” J.R. Valrey, When the word becomes flesh, Interview

"One of the best of our times", Pri Thomas

I create therefore I am."" WordSlanger


Producing Director of The Lower Bottom Playaz, the Founding Artistic Director of The Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theater, Associate Director of Recovery Theatre Inc, and Recovery Theater: San Francisco., Founder of the Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theater Day Camp free for kids 5-18, an Artist Educator, independent Arts Programming Consultant,  independent acting and writing coach. Nzinga is an actress, solo spoken word performance artist, and a published essayist, poet, and playwright.

The Work

Beyond the Bars: Growing Home

Ticky. Ticky.  Boom! 

part of 

Overnight voted best Anthology by Theater Bay Area

Collective Acts Theater Festival

The American Century Cycle Project

by August Wlson

Zara's Faith by Marc Sapir

Beyond the Bars by Ayodele Nzinga

52 Letters by Regina Evans

Tasha by Cat Brooks

Too Much Woman for this World by

Khy Wiginton

Out of Control by Opal Palmer

Mama at Twilight: Death by Love an original play

 San Francisco Theater Festival 

East Side Arts Alliance 

Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theater

The Flight Deck 

Flowers for the Trashman by Marvin X- 

 S.F. Theater Festival

 East Side Arts Alliance

The Legendary Black Dot Performance Cafe & Gallery

Collective Acts Festival

Bathroom Graffiti Queen- by Opal Palmer Adisa- S.F. Theater Festival

East Side Arts Alliance

Sr. Thea Bowman Memorial Theater

The Legendary Black Dot Performance Cafe & Gallery

Collective Acts Festival

Mack: A Gangsta’s Tale- WordSlanger’s version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth  

Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theater 

 East Side Arts  Alliance

Richmond Civic Auditorium


The SorrowLand Rebellion released January 2010 by Black Apes Music http://wordslanger.bandcamp.com/


Books & Collections:

Allegories of Altars

Habanero Butterfly

Sun Up on a poet

Children’s Stories

LiteBread Bluz Anthology

Above the Noize

Blackberry Lemonade

Flatlandz and other Ghetto Tales

Works in Progress: 

The Prayers of Heretics,

The New Millennium Dime


August Wilson Century Cycle 2019


Nomadic Press

JUICE Magazine

Environmental Terrorist Anthology

ChickenBones a Journal

Black Magnolias

Pan African Journal of Poetry

Say it Loud, James Brown Anthology

 We Inhale Publishing and Production

Visions Magazine, 2015